Do I need a Mig, Tig or MMA welder?

It is a question we get asked all the time in ProWeld and really it comes down to you the customer. If there was a machine that could do all three types of welding really well this would be a simple problem to solve. There is a 3-in-1 machine that will perform Mig, Tig & MMA but they have drawbacks when it comes to the Tig, usually only having the use of a scratch start(lift-tig) torch. They are generally small with amperages of 160 to max 200 amps so if you needed to run some larger structural welds the machine would be no good. If none of the above scares you off, the Migatronic RallyMig is a great 3-in-1 machine for repairs and smaller fabrication jobs.Migatronic RallyMIG 161i 79337030                   Aluminium and alloys really need to be welded with AC Tig machine for good penetration and a good looking weld. For this type of welding an AC/DC Tig plant is what you’ll need. An AC/DC plant is probably the most versatile machine you can buy. It will weld with electrodes in MMA function, it can weld in DC Tig also which is used mainly for Stainless. A quality Migatronic AC/DC Focus would be ideal for this, it is single phase and also light enough to take on-site at 13Kg.   An AC/DC plant doesn’t give us the speed and clean welding of a Mig, especially on Mild Steel. The AC/DC doesn’t give us the flexibilty to get into awkward spaces like we would with a Mig……..Are we any further forward??   We believe that the best solution is to have two welding plants. A good quality Mig will do all of your welding in the workshop, from the very lightest work using 0.8 wire and up to the larger jobs using 1.2mm wire. If you then need to work outside of the workshop an inverter is best, you can then choose whether you may need it to do DC Tig or AC Tig or even to be dual voltage for sites that require 110v power tools only. Migatronic-Omega2-550-S-L-Advanced-79541836 Whatever your welding application or query, we will always advise you on the best route to take.

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