This is a Serious Review…..

So….. we got this product review in for our Migatronic Focus. The customer emailed us and said he was having difficulty uploading it to our website. That’s because it’s too long! We have to agree with Jody, it is a brilliant piece of kit.
“The FOCUS STICK 161 E PFC is a superbly engineered and manufactured welding machine.
I have used it both for SMAW and GMAW along with unconventional electrode types, it’s performance has been excellent, qualities of its operation during TIG may not compare to other more fully featured welders but that is not what the machine has been designed to act as, that being said it produces an extremely smooth arc, it is a basic MMA unit that is easily portable and has a class leading duty cycle at full amperage that provides the capability to perform high deposition welding in single pass and heavy multi pass operations, Migatronic has other such series of machines that cater to other needs very well.
With a 160 Ampere output this machine can perform all of the most common welds in structural or hardfacing, it will easily do any such work that would be needed in agriculture or maintenance, it’s durability is exceptional, it has a thicker casing than many other competitors with the materials and finish being the best I have seen on an arc. It also has power factor correction protecting it from noisey electrical supplies, something that would very good for a farmer.
I also greatly appreciate that migatronics signature housing indentations were also added to this machine, that aesthetic is very pleasing along with the ergonomic location of the potentiometer and light indicators.
This welder if of superb value, there is no other comparable offering that equals or surpasses it in its devised role from any manufacture I have found.
Migatronic has developed a product range with solutions and packages that is very well suited for different user needs, this model is a good example of that. Migatronic is a lesser known but top teir maker of welders based in Denmark, origin of manufacture of their smaller units is in migatronics Chinese facility, do not let associations of inferiority have any weight in your judgement, you certainly won’t ever feel or experience that it’s standard of quality and performance are below anything of a European or American manufacture or any of the other Migatronic machines, they have not divested or created any cheaper line to be made there and sold under the brand name.
As you may be able to tell I couldn’t think more highly of this machine and has fulfilled all my needs”.
Jody Baron- Waterford City

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