Air Powered Tools

First of all, a pneumatic tool or air-powered tool is a type of power tool, driven by compressed air supplied by an air compressor. They generate and utilize compressed air.


The ordinary hand bellows, used by early smelters and blacksmiths for working iron and other metals, was a simple type of air compressor. The air intake consisted of several holes in a piece of wood, covered with flaps that served as valves. A simple check valve in the discharge prevented air from being drawn back into the bellows during the suction stroke.


An air compressor is a power-driven machine for compressing air from some initial intake pressure (usually atmospheric) to a higher pressure. Compressors (as well as other fluid machines) can be classified into two main types, depending on the air or fluid action: (1) the positive-displacement type and (2) the velocity, or dynamic, type.


With compressed air as the power source, tools have been designed that are relatively lightweight, compact, portable, easy to operate, and free from electrical shock and spark hazards. In underwater operations, compressed air prevents water from entering the air motor.


Most pneumatic tools convert the compressed air to work using a pneumatic motor. Compared to electric power tool equivalents, pneumatic tools are safer to run and maintain, without risk of sparks, short-circuiting or electrocution, and have a higher power to weight ratio, allowing a smaller, lighter tool to accomplish the same task. Furthermore, they are less likely to self-destruct in case the tool is jammed or overloaded.


Pneumatic tools have many benefits which have contributed to their rise in popularity. The benefits of using compressed air to power tools are:



Safe to use

Easy to operate


Low theft rates


At ProWeld, We supply quality air powered tools such as air duster, air blow guns, tyre inflators, air greaser, air die grinder, air angle grinders, air saw and air nibbler.


One air powered tool is the SWP Air Blow Gun 20″. The SWP 20″ Air Blow Gun has a 1/4″ air inlet and is ideal for cleaning, with a steel nozzle for durability and long life.

Hi-tech material construction provides durable, quiet and comfortable operation to reduce user fatigue.


Costs €14.93



Another item is the SWP 3″ Air Cut-Off Tool.


Features Lightweight aluminium housing with soft grip

Lever lock safety trigger

Chrome-plated swivel steel guards protects from sparks

Quickly and efficiently cuts off exhausts, tail pipes and bolts


Costs €39.00


SWP 3″ Air Cut-Off Tool – ProWeld


The final air powered tool is the SWP Air Blow Gun Medium Nozzle.


The SWP Medium Nozzle Blow Gun has a 1/4″ BSP air inlet, and is 150mm in length.


Costs €9.23


SWP Air Blow Gun Medium Nozzle – ProWeld


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