The Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel For Metal Fabrication

This blog post will focus on the advantages of using stainless steel for metal fabrication


Working with stainless steel is only a challenge if your fabricator is working with outdated equipment. Stainless steel can be cut, welded and everything in-between with ease.


100% Recyclable

More and more organisations are choosing to remain aware of the impact that they are having on their communities at large. Over 50% of stainless steel comes from previously melted stainless steel scraps, reducing waste.


Fabricators easily form, mold, weld, cut or stamp to design specifications and geometries. As stainless steel has a non-porous surface, it is perfect for applications where sanitary conditions are a must. The material is well-suited for use in food manufacturing machinery, equipment, cookware, and cutlery, but also for medical devices, equipment, and components. The impenetrability of stainless steel also gives it a visually aesthetic appearance. The material is easy to clean and keep clean, resisting stains and rust.


Fire and Heat Resistant

Adding more value to the long-term investment of stainless steel is its resistance to fire and heat. Choosing high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades allow you to use stainless steel effectively in boilers, valves, feed water heaters and other heat exchangers.


Long-Term Value

The long-term value of working with stainless steel far outweighs the initial investment that often turns the uninformed away. The life cycle cost should always be a part of the decision making. Choosing a maintenance-free product like stainless steel allows you to focus on a great process and product.


At ProWeld, we sell a huge range of stainless steel products to meet all your metal fabrication needs. One such item is the Stainless Steel Wire Rope Per Metre.


The Stainless Steel Wire Rope is available in various diameters as follows, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, also in a 8mm.

Priced per metre


Prices vary from €2.32 – €6.09


Available on our website here


Another item is the Stainless Steel Star Lock Washers.


They are great quality Stainless Steel Star Lock Washers, available to suit shaft diameters from 8mm up to 25mm.


Prices vary from €0.49 – €2.80


Check it out here


The final item I will discuss is the Stainless Steel Swivel Eye.


Swivels eye / eye aisi 316 / A4

We stock this item in various sizes please follow the link below


Prices vary by size from €3.55 – €5.60


Check it out on our website here

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