Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon, Managing Director

Back in 2006 I was running a very busy fabrication business and to be honest it was chaos. 
I relied heavily on one supply company and even got them to source products I knew they didn’t carry in stock. Why? The sales rep was dynamite, that’s why! He did everything right, never over-promised, and always delivered.

At ProWeld we are that dynamite sales rep (a team of us), and more. We are several different suppliers rolled into one, and have over 11,000 products in stock. This saves you time and effort sourcing from multiple suppliers, along with the cost of any additional administration or carriage charges.

Under one roof we are:

  • Welding & Engineering supplier
  • Steel stockholder
  • Welding Gas Agent
  • Industrial Paint supplier
  • Fastener & Fixings supplier
  • Safety Wear supplier
  • Hardware supplier
  • Tool supplier
  • Q-Clamp supplier

Your Complete Industrial Supplies Solution!

Yours Faithfully,

Paul Saxon