RallyMIG KIT Synergic 161i Car Repair Mig KIT

993.841,043.04 Inc Vat

Complete Car Repair Mig Kit

Adjust to 15 amps, essential for very light car repair mig welding.

The Migatronic RallyMIG 161i is a compact and portable multi-functional welding machine that means you have all processes at your fingertips – MIG, MMA and simple TIG. Anytime, anywhere. The machine is single-phase (230 V) and has PFC – Power Factor Correction – to allow you to weld with a long mains cable or a generator as your power source.


Synergic MIG welding
Once you have chosen the MIG process on the digital control panel and entered your wire/gas combination, the RallyMIG 161i is ready to weld; just switch on, press and weld. Synergic MIG means that welding parameters can be set by means of only one control knob or a torch control unit (optional feature) on the ergonomic torch handle with a 360 degree turnable swan neck, for better comfort and reduced risk of errors.
Whether pure CO2 or Argon is required as shielding gas for the process, using 5 kg wire for either welding or MIG brazing, there is a program that suits your welding assignments.


All standard packages include mains cable w/Schukoplug, 3M earth cable w/clamp, 0.6V-0.8V wire drive roll (mounted), 0.8V-1.0V wire drive roll (extra), handle and carrying strap.


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