Self Tapping Screws Pan Head

0.050.34 Inc Vat

Tek Screws

0.050.15 Inc Vat

Tek Screws Countersunk

0.120.28 Inc Vat

Self Tapping Screws Countersunk

0.090.36 Inc Vat

Timber Tek Screws With Washers

0.100.36 Inc Vat

Tek Stitcher 14×20 & Washer

0.10 Inc Vat
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Tek Screws Roofing

0.140.38 Inc Vat

Reisser Cutter Wood Screws

4.3872.55 Inc Vat

Magnetic Tek Screw Holder

7.54 Inc Vat
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Reisser Retinox® 2 Stainless Steel Screws

11.8157.04 Inc Vat

Reisser Wood Screws (Tubs)

27.5041.57 Inc Vat

We supply a wide range of screws for many needs, such as self-tapping screws, tek screws, wood screws, stainless steel screws, counter sunk screws, screws with washers, roofing screws, and a magnetic screw holder. All are available for delivery across Ireland.