26.9mm Key Clamps- Easy Order Form

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    101-1 Short Tee 26.9mm

    3.33 Inc Vat each

    104-1 Long Tee 26.9mm

    6.17 Inc Vat each

    116-1 3 Way Through 26.9mm

    4.88 Inc Vat each

    119-1 2 Socket Cross 26.9mm

    4.75 Inc Vat each

    125-1 90° 2 Way Elbow 26.9mm

    4.32 Inc Vat each

    128-1 3 Way 90° Elbow 26.9mm

    6.06 Inc Vat each

    131-1 Wall Plate 26.9mm

    4.08 Inc Vat each

    132-1 Base Plate 26.9mm

    5.89 Inc Vat each

    135-1 Retro Fit Clamp on Tee Inline 26.9mm

    6.20 Inc Vat each

    138-1 Gate Eye 26.9mm

    4.13 Inc Vat each

    140-1 Gate Hinge 26.9mm

    4.91 Inc Vat each

    143-1 Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket 26.9mm

    4.23 Inc Vat each

    148-1 Short Swivel Inline Tee 26.9mm

    5.03 Inc Vat each

    149-1 Inline External Tube Connector 26.9mm

    4.16 Inc Vat each

    158-1 4 Way Cross 26.9mm

    8.83 Inc Vat each

    161-1 Offset 90° Crossover 26.9mm

    3.92 Inc Vat each

    167-1 Double Inline Swivel Combination 26.9mm

    14.06 Inc Vat each

    168-1 90° Corner Swivel 26.9mm

    18.57 Inc Vat each

    169-1 Swivel Locating Flange 26.9mm

    8.83 Inc Vat each

    170-1 Single Sided Mesh Panel Clip 26.9mm

    1.57 Inc Vat each

    171-1 Double Sided Mesh Panel Clip 26.9mm

    2.40 Inc Vat each

    173-1 Single Swivel 26.9mm

    7.55 Inc Vat each

    173F-1 Female Swivel 26.9mm

    3.65 Inc Vat each

    173M-1 Single Male Swivel 26.9mm

    3.42 Inc Vat each

    176-1 3 Way Outlet Tee 26.9mm

    6.40 Inc Vat each

    179-1 Locking Collar 26.9mm

    2.64 Inc Vat each

    182-1 Hook 26.9mm

    3.46 Inc Vat each

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