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Magnetic Drill Bit Pilot Pin (choose size)

9.7914.74 Inc Vat

HMT CarbideMax 40 TCT Magnet Broach Cutter

13.68188.28 Inc Vat

HMT CarbideMax 55 TCT Magnet Broach Cutter

17.02233.12 Inc Vat

Magnetic Drill Bit (choose size)

18.4379.83 Inc Vat

HMT VersaDrive CarbideMax TCT Holesaw

20.30201.36 Inc Vat

Magnetic Drill Bit Tungsten Carbide

24.3566.30 Inc Vat

Magnetic Drill Bit Long Series (choose size)

32.3544.23 Inc Vat

HMT VersaDrive Magnet Drill Adapter

36.69 Inc Vat
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HMT CarbideMax 110 TCT Broach Cutter

41.09321.62 Inc Vat

HMT CarbideMax 150 TCT Superlong Broach Cutter

41.09416.08 Inc Vat

HMT CarbideMax XL55 TCT Long Series Broach Cutter

42.991,269.93 Inc Vat

HMT Magnetic Swarf Lifter

62.21 Inc Vat
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Our quality magnetic drill bits are available in various types, such as Tungsten Carbide, Magnetic Drill Bits Long Series or Core Drills, & Pilot Pin or Ejector. Available for delivery across Ireland.