Spanners and wrenches, their uses and more 🔧🔧

This week’s blog post will focus on spanners and wrenches, their uses and some amazing products we sell at ProWeld. Firstly, the spanner is a hand-held tool used to provide grip and tighten or loosen fasteners. It gives a mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects. The tool is used in turning rotary fasteners […]

The Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel For Metal Fabrication

This blog post will focus on the advantages of using stainless steel for metal fabrication   Working with stainless steel is only a challenge if your fabricator is working with outdated equipment. Stainless steel can be cut, welded and everything in-between with ease.   100% Recyclable More and more organisations are choosing to remain aware […]

Heat Guns

It’s all about heat guns for this week’s blog post. A heat gun, often referred to as a hot air blower, is a must-have tool for professionals, crafts people and DIY masters. Heat guns are commonly known for their use to strip paint and weld or bend plastics. However, these handy tools are so much […]

Weld Cleaning

This week’s blog post is all about weld cleaning. Weld cleaning is done to increase the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces after TIG, MIG, and other types of welding.   Metal surfaces and welds are quite susceptible to different types of degradation – Rust and cross-contamination are just some of the examples.   Problems such […]

Welding Consumables

This week’s blog post is on welding consumables. With all welders comes welding consumables, and ProWeld stocks top quality welding consumables such as electrodes, rods and flux, wire, gas and anti-spatter spray.   Filler metals melt during welding to create a strong joint. Flux is commonly used to produce a shield of gas around the […]

Air Powered Tools

First of all, a pneumatic tool or air-powered tool is a type of power tool, driven by compressed air supplied by an air compressor. They generate and utilize compressed air.   The ordinary hand bellows, used by early smelters and blacksmiths for working iron and other metals, was a simple type of air compressor. The […]

Welding practice in Ireland

First of all, welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allow them to cool, causing fusion. Welding is different from lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as brazing and soldering, which don’t melt the base metal.   As well as melting […]

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