Value Welding Electrodes- Direct from EU Manufacturer

It is really is a hard to find good manufacturers in Europe that are producing top quality welding electrodes. We at ProWeld began researching, where could we get good quality at factory prices? We looked to buy everything in our inventory including less popular rods such as 7018’s, 29.9’s and Cast rods. Elektroda Zagreb fit […]

What Is Synergic Mig Welding??

There is often confusion regarding this subject. Synergic refers to a machine that sets up the parameters within a selected programme according to Amperage, Wire Feed Speed or material thickness. The machine then sets the volts etc according to the information in the memory of the machine. Many synergic machines have Pulsed or Double Pulsed […]

Double Pulse Mig Welding on Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel


Mig welding on aluminium is now becoming more and more common due to advances in technology in welding machines. While tig welding was generally considered the best for use on aluminium welding, it can now be undertaken very effectively by a mig machine. But bear in mind there may be times when tig is better […]

Introducing, The Green Friendly and Premium Welder – Migatronic

Migatronic Overview ProWeld and Migatronic have teamed up in Ireland, and we are now the sole distributor of Migatronic welders and welding supplies in the Republic of Ireland. Migatronic are based in Denmark, meaning it is quick and easy to source any parts or accessories that may be required directly from their production facility. The […]

Understanding AC and DC in Welding

Welding and Polarity Welding is the process whereby metals are melted and a filler used to help create a join, or the weld. The most commonly used welding processes are arc welding, which uses electrical currents; and gas welding. Not all metals will weld properly, as stainless steel can distort or crack, and alloys can […]

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